Why we prefer online to in the office classes

Your employees can do classes whenever works best for them

On demand videos and live class recordings can be done from home, accessed from anywhere at any time. They also range from 5 minutes to 1 hour to fit into all schedules.

Different classes for different people

We all have different needs, likes and personal goals and these are also always changing. Your employees can easily find classes to fit them, whether it’s to ease shoulder tension, build strength in their backs or just have some fun!

You get so much more

Our programme is packed with so much content and because it’s all accessed from a single and simple dedicated online place for your employees, you get so much more than what can be offered through a weekly class.

It’s highly cost effective

Because Cultivate is online and multiple organisations take part, we’re able to give you much more for your money for the same price as bespoke weekly classes. 

Perfect for home workers

2020 was the year that we all spent time working from home and for many of us, the future will mean working from home more than previously. The flexibility of the programme means it’s great for home, office and remote workers.

“Thanks for the classes, they’ve been a really nurturing chance to stop and breathe after a busy day. I often end the class with a gratefully relaxed sigh and smile – I’ve been really appreciating them!”

Ruby Kvalheim, Marketing & Events Manager