Everything within Cultivate is specially created for desk workers at sustainable organisations

Monthly themes

Each monthly theme is created to help with a difficulty desk workers often face: sometimes focusing on a part of the body that can get injured or feel achy and stiff; other times more mental, helping your employees to feel more calm and relaxed.

Ultimately the themes work together to transform the body and mind cumulatively month by month, helping to reduce sick leave and improve productivity.

Recent and upcoming themes:


December 2020:
Deep Rest


January 2021:
A Bright Start


February 2021:
Lower Back Love


March 2021:
Spark Your Brain


April 2021:
Wake Up Your Legs & Feet

Unlimited access to a growing library of on demand videos

Each month 6 new videos are added, created around the monthly theme. As well as yoga, they include other beneficial practices like chair yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and self-massage.

The classes cover different benefits from energising and building strength to calming and deeply relaxing, ranging from 5 minutes for quick practices up to 1 hour for those who want more.

“I especially love the short videos – thanks for making them!”

Rachael Blair, Team Genie

Weekly live Cultivate community class

Every Tuesday, 7:30pm – 8:30pm we have our live Full Body Tune Up and Relaxation class, also giving us the chance to come together as a community.

This class is all about your employees feeling as good as possible at the end of their day. It’s held via Zoom meaning that the teacher can see them and give more guidance and feedback where needed, so they can get the most from their practice.

All live classes are recorded and are available for one week for those who missed it or want to experience it again. 

Monthly challenge

Each month we have a challenge to help build healthy new habits, based on that month’s theme. It’s usually a quick practice around 5 minutes, repeated over 5 days.

It can be hard to find the time and energy to make personal improvements towards being healthier and happier, and our challenges are designed to be quick, fun and make a meaningful difference. You’ll be surprised how big a change they can make!

Watch your Giving Forest grow

Doing good feels good so your employees can watch the number of trees they’ve helped to plant increase over the months just by being Cultivate members.

Personal yoga coaching by email

We all need a little extra help from time to time so your employees can send us their yoga, meditation and breathing technique questions and get direction with which on demand videos might be best for them.

Helping you and your employees get the most from Cultivate

Of course, you’ll want your employees to get as much out of the programme as possible, so we make engagement a high priority. This includes:

  • Private Instagram for Cultivate members with extra tips around our monthly themes.
  • Motivating newsletter every Monday.
  • Videos of the Week to encourage trying new classes.
  • Rewards for referring colleagues.