What our members say about Cultivate!

“I’ve done a couple of the on demand videos this week to ease myself in and really enjoyed them!

I’m already feeling the benefits from Cultivate, not only mentally with helping to switch off from work, but also physically. I’ve been suffering from pains in my shoulders recently but already feel as though this is helping to stretch them out.”

Bryony Lynch, PA to Executive Management Team & Office Manager

“I especially love the short videos – thanks for making them!”

Rachael Blair, Team Genie

“Cultivate is such a brilliant programme which has really helped me develop my yoga practice.

I love the live classes which are a great way to stretch and unwind after a busy day, but also having so many great videos and challenges available on demand really suits my weird WFH schedule. Lucy is such a calming, fun and friendly teacher who instantly sets you at ease and it’s a pleasure being in her classes.”

Kat Kennedy, General Manager

“As someone who works at a computer desk for many hours, Cultivate has been a godsend! The routines help me feel refreshed, and work out the stiffness in my body, especially my shoulders and neck.

I love that the classes are themed each month, as it allows us to focus on one particular area at a time, getting to know my body and mind better.”

Chloe Price, Writer & Content Marketing Strategist

“Lucy has such a positive energy that radiates from her and I really enjoyed experiencing her office chair yoga, it helped my body to loosen up from sitting at my desk all day.

The class was transformative and super motivational for my day ahead!”

Lucy Spinoza, Finance Administrator

“I look forward to the live yoga classes every Tuesday SO much. Lucy is a great teacher and the on demand videos are also helping me along my yoga journey. 

I always feel SO relaxed after doing a class and would highly recommend the programme.”

Emma Shewell-Cooper, Customer Happiness Expert

“Cultivate’s warm and personable approach has given me more than a great session of exercise – it’s really nice to feel part of a group for such a positive and relaxing experience. Very grateful to have access to such a caring and welcoming break after work.”

Gabriela Rezende, Customer Happiness Executive

“Thanks for the classes, they’ve been a really nurturing chance to stop and breathe after a busy day. I often end the class with a gratefully relaxed sigh and smile – I’ve been really appreciating them!”

Ruby Kvalheim, Marketing & Events Manager

“I’ve been attending Cultivate’s live classes and accessing the fantastic recorded videos every week. Each month there is a new set of videos based on that month’s theme and I love the fact that you can do these at home anytime you want. The lower back sessions in February were perfect after sat at a desk all day; you can even fit them in your lunch break.

The classes are really clear and easy to follow and have made lockdown life bearable, giving you a real chance to listen to your body and feel like an online community. Lucy is so calm and peaceful you cannot help but relax.

Cultivate’s commitment to green causes and giving back to the natural world also makes it a unique way of enjoying yoga and helping the planet and I would highly recommend everyone tries it.”

Sarah Roberts, Project Coordinator

“Being able to access all of Cultivate’s on-demand classes helps me structure my practice around ever-changing workweeks.

The Bright Start video has helped me face the day when I have a little less time in the mornings but I know I’ll be able to focus more afterwards, and I like to save the longer sessions for when I can take the time to really delve in.

Last month’s theme was Lower Back Love and my lumbar spine has definitely been grateful for the attention.”

Fabian Jackson, Content Marketing

“We feel that Lucy’s classes really add something to our membership offering and love her giving back initiatives, which fit perfectly with our values.”


Laura Callan, Owner

“Actually the best yoga class I have ever taken! Lucy’s classes are tailored to the office worker, helping you focus on areas that you probably didn’t even realise were in pain. The movements are intuitive, gentle, and very effective! Thank you!”

Lillian Wing, Business Development Associate

“I have been practising yoga for 8 months with Cultivate and couldn’t be happier.

The live and on demand classes have taught me helpful breathing techniques, concentration, relaxation and self-appreciation. Thank you!”

Vera Eliseeva, Operations and Account Manager

“Lucy is a wonderful yoga teacher, calming but also motivating. The chair class was the perfect start to the day, releasing aches and pains from the previous day and making me feel balanced and focused.”

Natasha Knights, Occasionwear Designer

“I have really enjoyed the yoga sessions and feel lucky to have access to them through my work. The weekly live sessions have been something to look forward to, and I am sure that they have also helped me with stress and improved my suppleness and tone. The different themes are great as there is a new focus each month.”

Jane Etherington, Generic and Care Act Advocate

“Cultivate has been a real support by providing yoga to our team – they are very receptive to Lucy’s teaching technique and calming aura. It’s an added bonus that Cultivate plant a tree for each live session! We thoroughly support this initiative!”

Vineeta Greenwood, Account Director

“I love attending the Cultivate live sessions which help me take time out to relax and focus on myself – not everyone else for a change!. The classes are always so nice and relaxing and I look forward to joining them every Tuesday. 

Aside from creating a sense of calm, they also really help with loosening the tension that accumulates throughout the day whilst sitting at a desk – my shoulders and back always feels so much better after.”

Chânelle Sharp, Digital Designer