Get to know your Cultivate teachers

We are delighted to share our Cultivate teachers with you, all creating classes specially around the Monthly Themes to support our members in the best possible ways! 

Lucy Newport, Creator and Lead Teacher

Lucy first came to practice yoga in her early twenties as a way to deal with the anxiety and burnout she experienced from office working – firstly in the music industry, and then within fashion.

In Lucy’s own words…

“I can honestly say that yoga, meditation and breathing techniques have transformed my life, giving me tools to help deal with stress and anxiety, as well as healing a bad back I’d had since a teenager.

Looking after the environment is also important to me – a dedication that is channelled into everything I do, including my work as a yoga teacher and business owner.

As well as yoga, I love growing veggies, long hikes and live music.

I find so much joy in sharing yoga and its endless benefits, and in doing so hope that I can help people find some relief from the stresses and demands of modern-day working and living.”

Follow Lucy @livinggreenyoga on Instagram.

Camille Elizabeth, Meditation Teacher

In Camille’s own words…

“In my early 30’s I became a student of Zen Buddhist meditation, and for the past ten years I’ve hosted classes and retreats for individuals and businesses wanting to explore and cultivate the practice of meditation and mindful living.

More recently, my work has transitioned into a practice that I like to call gentle living.

Gentle living takes the principles of mindfulness and applies them to your everyday life in a real and practical way. There is a strong focus on slowing down, finding joy, and learning how to act with self compassion and kindness.

In particular, I help people find ways to connect to sources of tranquillity in their lives, so they can discover a happier, healthier way of living.”

You can learn more about Camille’s teaching through her website here.
Follow Camille @camilleslowingdown on Instagram.

Laura Deave, Pilates Teacher

In Laura’s own words…

“I like to think of myself as a movement enthusiast and try to create an environment in which others can share that enthusiasm. I aim to teach fearless movement in order to build physical strength and mobility but also to promote motor learning and the ability for people to take control of their own movement journey. It’s a simple recipe – move more, get strong, feel better!

I have been teaching Pilates since 2014, first in the UK and now in New Zealand. I went to regular dance classes through my childhood and teenage years so have an ingrained love and appreciation for movement. I also grew up with a physio mother who influenced me greatly in my journey into movement rehab and Pilates.

My happy place is exercising outdoors, you will find me most often on a mountain bike or running on the local trails. I enjoy training for events and pushing my own physical boundaries as well as using movement as a medicine for modern living and stress relief.”

Follow Laura @lauradeavepilates on Instagram.